Super fast slow-carb salad bowls "TexMex"

G Is there anything more boring than iceberg lettuce? If he waits so poorly, pale and shredded in a refrigerated counter to be heaped together with other ice-cold ingredients to a mixed salad? Um, think for a minute ... no. I get annoyed every time I am pushed somewhere these tasteless, seemingly eternally durable plastic pieces. Until now!

Because since the other day I bought an iceberg lettuce in the organic market of my confidence (because all the other salads were off), I know how good it can actually taste: crisp, with a green, delicate lemon note of fresh lettuce. Not only are the leaves white and smooth, they also have texture and a bright green color.

And because the leaves are so strong and dimensionally stable, they can do great things with them. For example, you can quickly and easily make delicious salad bowls:

Quickly set some TexMex ingredients ...

 Super fast slow-carb salad bowls

... fry some minced meat with chili, onions and garlic ...

Super fast slow-carb salad bowls

... and fill everything according to your mood in iceberg leaves. Sprinkle with lime mayonnaise and some chili sauce.

Super Fast Slow-Carb Salad Bowls

And here's the recipe for Super Slow Slow-Carb Salad Bowls "TexMex" (4 servings)

Cut off the stalk of 1 small organic iceberg lettuce , peel off, wash and spin 4 beautiful leaves one after the other.

250 g Organic Ground Beef with 1 chopped green chili pepper , 1 chopped onion and 2 chopped garlic cloves in 1 teaspoon ghee or olive oil crumbly on intense heat roast meat. Season with salt and pepper and set aside.

10 Cherry Tomatoes quarter. 2 spring onions clean and finely chopped Cut rings. Mix tomatoes with spring onions and set aside.

1 small red onion peel and cut into fine rings.

1/2 bunch coriander Put 1 can or glass of kidney beans in a colander, rinse under running water and drain well.

to taste (eg Gouda or Emmentaler).

4 tablespoons mayonnaise with the juice 1 lime the ingredients and the salt and pepper .

Add the ingredients one at a time to the lettuce leaves and drizzle with the lime mayonnaise. For those who like it spicy, they serve chilli sauce.

Super Slow Slow-Carb Salad Bowls

Tip: The salad bowls are great too to take to the office as lunch. For multi-person meals, put all the ingredients in pretty bowls on the table so everyone can put together their own salad bowl.