The Lightning Fast Miracoli Fake Versatility Homemade Miracle: Raw Tomato Sauce

"M amaaaaaa!" it crowed loudly out of the living room again. "Mamaaaaaaaaaa! Can you come? "-" Please come in, mentally walk through the 8.5 meter old building, skillfully avoid a few Playmobil Indians and the meerkat (Ha, THIS time are you not sharp in my foot, you plastic plague!) and enter the chaotic living room. He sits in Papa's chair, has piled all available toy cars around him and watches his favorite show on KIKA. Without taking his eyes off the screen, he loudly and loudly formulates his demands: "I want spaghetti with tomato sauce!"

At this point, I spare the inclined blog reader the subsequent, verbally delivered educational situation. In any case, there will be issues such as polite treatment of fellow human beings, clean up behavior, looking-if-I-talk-to-you, please, thank you, children who want something, etc. as well as other socially relevant topics. All things that I never wanted to say. Earlier.

Finally, he sullenly throws a few toy cars into the boxes provided and I trudge (much less fleet-footed) back down the hall into the kitchen. I'm a moss, a rock, a babbling brook - I'm totally calm and laid back - and I still have a job: Making Tomato Sauce with Tortiglioni. Spaghetti is gone.

The tomato sauce from the health food store with the tiger on the glass, too, unfortunately, as I have to determine in a short check in the storage cabinet. Hm. Spontaneously and out of the situation, I decide that you can even dare a sauce experiment. After all, the mood is already scratched anyway. Mental breakdowns because of a wrong tomato sauce, I even stick with it on the left.

And so it comes that raw red pepper, tomato paste, spices and even an onion a few moments later find themselves together in the blender. GRRRRHRHHRHRHRRRRHHAAAAHHHHHKKRRRSCHHHHHHBBBRRRRRR! A nice sound. Insanely relaxing.

The result is a cold sauce that tastes suspiciously like Miracoli - only much fruity, fresher and ... finer. Madness! My mood lifts noticeably. I'm excited and keep trying the sauce as I stir in the boiling noodles. I always come up with new combinations and applications. Fresh herbs are sure to be good, chili, smoked peppers, spring onions, fried bacon ... they even go through as a homemade ketchup and definitely as a dip to just about everything.

There's only the sauce sample on the example on the living object. I carry the pasta with tomato sauce into the living room. As the living object sitting in the chair and says "Hello mum, but that looks good. Thank you for making noodles. Wait, I'll take the plate off. Oh, and the great tomato sauce. Hmmmmmm ... that's the best tomato sauce I've ever tasted. "

I believe him, because I've just tasted it extensively myself.

I hop in the kitchen with ease .

And this is how it works for 4 - 6 servings:

Serving suggestion: Raw tomato sauce on crackling noodles with cheese slices ...