FUCT's Delight: Lamb's lettuce with melon, sheep's cheese and thyme dressing

D iesen salad, the man has served me last week on the eve of my birthday. First he rustled suspiciously in the kitchen and rumbled and then he came with dinner on the tray scratched around the corner.

Nice it was cozy on the balcony with a delicious neck chop and a very cool glass of champagne , And with a real additional blast: Volunteer fruit in the salad. Oh no - actually vegetables: The watermelon, which was there to my great surprise harmoniously with lamb's lettuce and sheep's cheese in my bowl rummaged, namely officially belongs to the cucurbits. But it does not matter. Melon will remain fruit for us. And she's delicious, awesome, just awesome in that salad!

At some point I finally managed to scare the man off, how the hell on the world did he get the idea of ​​making that salad. Quite surprising in his aversion to fruit in the food. He read the recipe in a post by Emmelie Brunetti on The Heavy Mental. If the wife of Erik Brunetti and co-founder of the label FUCT serves this salad with great success to their family and friends, the man thought, then I really like him. A very interesting train of thought ...

Insanely refreshing, spicy, crisp with a hint of chili and thyme. That's what summer tastes like, my dear ones!

and here is the recipe for FUCTs Delight lamb's lettuce (corn salad) comes with melon, feta cheese and thyme dressing

2 large handfuls lamb's lettuce (corn salad) wasschen, spin dry and remove the larger root approaches.

200g creamy feta cheese (eg Bulgaria from the Turkish greengrocer ).

Release the pulp of 400 g of low-fiber watermelon (about 200 g) and cut into cubes as well.

6 Tablespoons olive oil , 2 El white wine vinegar , 1 tablespoon lime juice , 2 tablespoons water , 1 chili pepper ( Remove cores and skins harvest), 1 large shallot (peeled and roughly divided), 1/2 teaspoon salt , some Black Pepper and 2 teaspoons fresh Add thyme to the blender or use the blender to prepare a homogeneous dressing. May again add salt, pepper and vinegar.

the salad on a plate or serving plates serve, divide the melon and feta cheese cube on it and drizzle with the dressing.

Tip: The salad is great for barbecues, picnics, or lunch in the office. Then simply fill the dressing with a small glass jar and pour over the salad just before serving.